The Hottest Thing You Can Do With Your iPad Today

You would think after creating Beeri, the folks from RedPepper would have run out of new beverages to conquer with their iThings, but you would be wrong. Today they have come up with the latest in apps that connect your drinks with your electronics called Hot Pad. The idea is simple: run an app that overclocks the CPU on your iPad and heats up the system enough to keep your cuppa Joe or tea warm while placed on top of that fine display. The overclocking generates heat, which has to go somewhere anyway. The app developers have even put an image of heat coils on-screen in case you aren’t sure where to put your cup.

So you have turned your $600 iPad into a $20 warming coaster. But still, it is pretty neat. (I wanted to say cool, but well.) I am not sure that I would attempt this too often, as the image of a hot cup of liquid sitting directly on top of my iPad is enough to make me twitch.

Just point your mobile browser here and warm up! I doubt we’ll see this as an approved iTunes app anytime soon.

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