Today may be the last day of the interactive portion of South By Southwest, but the larger conference is still a few days away from being over. The music festival is just getting started today and the film sessions are ongoing until this Saturday.

In the meantime, you'll have to continue to endure an incessant flood of SXSW-related tweets and other social updates, like it or not.

Just how thoroughly is the Austin-based festival dominating your Twitter stream? In the first 48 hours of the event, there were more than 224,000 tweets containing "SXSW." Even though attendees make up only a tiny percentage of total Twitter users, an estimated 65% of all people who use the microblogging service were exposed to SXSW-related tweets during the first two days.

The figures illustrate just how much Twitter has grown since its launch in 2006. It was the following year, at South By Southwest no less, that the service began to catch on among early adopters.