If you're a user of the short-form blogging service Posterous, you may want to consider backing up your content and migrating to another platform. That much is quietly being implied by Twitter, who just made the bold and somewhat unexpected move of acquiring Posterous.

Both companies promise that the service Posterous users know and love will continue operating as it always has, at least for the time being. But what's clear from the language of Twitter's announcement is that the acquisition was made for talent more so than technology or products.

"Posterous Spaces will remain up and running without disruption," reads the announcement. "We'll give users ample notice if we make any changes to the service. For users who would like to back up their content or move to another service, we'll share clear instructions for doing so in the coming weeks."

So, in other words, Posterous will be available to you now, but we'll let you know if we plan on shutting it down. That must be a fairly likely scenario to warrant that language being included in the initial announcement of the acquisition.

Of course, it's possible that this won't be the outcome, and if it is, it's not like Twitter is going to shutter Posterous Spaces overnight.

The move presents a potential leg up for Tumblr, which already dominates the short-form blogging space and could soon see one less competitor if Posterous is taken out of commission.

For that, such a scenario doesn't sound imminent, but it couldn't hurt for active users to take some preemptive measures.