While as we mentioned earlier this month, Google has begun building out its own gigabit network in Kansas City, Chattanooga Tenn. already has their own gig network up and running and they aren't sitting around just watching the packets fly by. This summer will see the culmination of a series of activities, including an incubator/accelerator program, a student-oriented hatchery program, and cash prizes for gig geeks galore. If you live there you probably already know about these activities, but if you are thinking about moving to where you can get faster Internet service, you might want to consider packing your bags this summer.

Here is a quick summary of what is going around town (PDF).

The GigCity, as they call themselves, will pay for up to ten people to move (up to $1,250, so travel light) and forgive $10k of your new home mortgage if you end up staying for five years. The catch? As long as you come from outside the metro area and buy something in one of eight close-in neighborhoods, you are covered by the program.

Here are the FAQs on GeekMove, as it is called. The process seems fairly straightforward and includes a Skype conference call to make sure you represent yourself properly and are interested in the various geek-related activities. The Lyndhurst Foundation, a local non-profit, provides the funds.

In addition, 10 other entrepreneurs will be selected for a special GigTank accelerator program. These entrants will get $15k in investment capital and the chance to win an additional cash prize of $100k. The application can be found here, but hurry: the deadline is the end of this month, and the program kicks off May 14th.