Keep Track of your AWS Expenses With Cloudyn

With the number of individual Amazon Web Services now seemingly approaching infinity, it makes sense for third parties to get into the act of trying to keep track of what you are actually spending and whether you have over-provisioned your services. Enter, an Israeli based company that announced its services this week.

The idea is to have a dashboard similar to what you see below (mine isn’t very interesting, sorry, I have taken down all of my machines at the moment) where you can track your projected annual costs, which accounts you have on AWS and what your running instances of your virtual machines are costing you and other trends. Yes, this information is all available from AWS directly, but perhaps not in as prettified format. And of course, you can probably predict that Cloudyn won’t stop at AWS but will include other cloud-based providers eventually, which makes a lot of sense. Besides this dashboard, there are plenty of other analytics available, including specific downsizing recommendations. If you have a large and complex sprawl of AWS instances (unlike me), this might be useful to you.

So far the company has actually delivered more than a million dollars in aggregate savings in cloud costs across its beta customers, averaging 42% reductions according to their announcement. That merits a closer look for sure.

The Cloudyn service is free to try out before it moves out of beta in May. Once you sign up it takes a few days for them to look over your usage patterns and generate a meaningful report.

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