While most of us know the results of yesterday's Big Game, the results of the online ad campaigns from the dozens of companies spending multiple millions are less clear. Fortunately, monitoring firm Yottaa is here to lead the way and let us know who scored and who missed serving up online content to complement their TV spots.

The company monitoring 46 different vendors' websites yesterday and found three big losers:

  1. The Coke Polar Bears Facebook page and main website was unavailable in five languages, as you can see in the screen capture below:

  2. Act of Valor had a very impressive ad, but their website was less so. According to Yottaa's monitoring, it seemed every time the spot ran the site crashed, with more than six outages of five minutes each. The site was also five times slower yesterday during game time.

  3. Acura cars had problems too. "The launch of their new performance car was met with poor performance from their website." Their home page was fine, but the call to action pages were saturated with traffic on Sunday.

Cars.com, TaxACT.com, GoDaddy.com and History.com all fared really well during the Super Bowl, according to Bob Buffone, writing on Yottaa's blog. He emphasizes that live stress testing is critical at this big event-driven moments, and instrumenting what is going on during the event is essential if the sites are going to meet the anticipated demand.