All of Planet Earth Is Now on Google+

Google Earth released version 6.2 today. It patches up some of the choppy textures it used to have, so it now looks like a smooth, realistic surface - no more "quilt effect." The texture improvements are now in all versions of Google Earth, including the mobile versions. This update also adds Google+ integration. Screenshots from Google Earth can be shared with Google+ circles with a new "share" button.

In a telling display of Google's new unified product approach, the Google Earth annoucement encourages users to "upgrade to Google+." Google wants to be considered all one service, and a Google+ "upgrade" spans across all its sites and applications.

The Google Earth update also redesigns the search interface, enabling the same autocomplete feature Google Maps has. It expands results into multiple layers, so Google Earth searches can now show more than the top 10 results. It also adds biking, transit and walking directions. Google Earth is now an interesting 3D alternative to Maps for most purposes, including on mobile.

Download Google Earth 6.2 here.

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