We haven't written much about TIBCO's enterprise social media tool tibbr since a year ago. But they have interesting news, including updates to the service, that they are announcing today with v3.5, scheduled to be available next month.

Perhaps the most unusual aspect of this version is its geo-location service that checks in the location to you, rather than the other way around as Foursquare and Facebook Places et al. do. So for example a gate at an airport can become the context for all sorts of events, including the agents servicing that gate and the other ramp operations that are happening outside on the airfield. Or an oil well can be used in the context of being able to find experts in particular skillsets who are in the vicinity that can service that well. Or a pallet of goods can check in to a warehouse for a supply manager. As one TIBCO product manager told me, "It isn't about Billie's vacation pictures or what you have eaten in the company cafeteria, but what you are doing every day for your job responsibilities. "

The idea is to turn a location into a data hub and make this data easier to consume. The new version can also work with augmented reality displays to show who is nearby, for example. Here is what the current version looks like:

tibbr continues to have very simple pricing model of $12 per user per month, either in the cloud or on premises.