Cloud Roundup for January 19, 2012

To abuse the cloud metaphor, there’s a storm brewing over public and private clouds. Not surprisingly, providers of public clouds (who hope to see everybody move their computing to public clouds) are quick to dismiss private clouds. One of the best reads today is from the ActiveState blog, where Bart Copeland takes on the idea that private clouds are “vapor.” Also, OpenStack’s usage accounting system is coming into shape and why you can’t live migrate VMs between Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.2 to 6.1.

Why can’t you live migrate from newer to older versions of qemu/KVM? – Richard WM Jones explains why you can’t perform a live migration from RHEL 6.2 to 6.1. “Live migration is completely different from shutting down and copying a guest. During live migration we must send the complete state of system RAM, virtual CPUs, and all virtual devices, over to the remote side.”

Don’t Step in the FUD: The Real World Demands Private Cloud – Copeland addresses some comments attributed to Heroku’s CTO Adam Wiggins, who seems to be less than convinced that private cloud is viable for cloud computing. Expect this debate to continue for quite some time.

Is It Time To Get Rid Of The Linux OS Model In The Cloud? – Does it make sense that we still run applications on top of an application that runs on top of an OS that runs on top of virtualized hardware? Not according to Todd Hoff. “We are stuck in the past. We can hear the creakiness of the edifice we’ve built layer by creaky layer all around us. How will we build applications in the future and what kind of stack will help us get their faster?”

Resource usage accounting system for OpenStack – Dmitry Maslennikov announced the resource usage accounting system for OpenStack, nova-billing, is ready for review. Right now you can track disk usage, memory, virtual CPU, and storage space in Glance for images.

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