Last month, I wrote about a startup with a win-win proposition called BetaBait, which helps beta apps connect with testers. It allows developers to list their app in an email to interested testers for free. It charges $50 for a sponsor slot featured at the top of the email. No-brainer, right?

Co-founder Cody Barbierri wrote in to let me know that, in the two weeks since launch (and it was over the holidays, too!), they added over 1,400 testers and 250 start-ups. The email was getting too long, so they've revamped the process. Only newly submitted apps will be in the email, and the rest are listed on the BetaBait site.

Only apps submitted in the past 24 hours are featured in the email, so recipients can view the latest submissions. At the bottom, there's a link to click through to the online directory, which offers tabbed browsing by category. It offers developers the same opportunity to pay to put their app at the top of the page. The Web view also includes Twitter and Facebook share buttons.

The developers we talked to at launch seemed pleased with the opportunity to get in front of willing beta testers for free. Now that this large directory of apps in testing is available online, it will be great to see how that impacts testing.

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