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Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is an online project management application that enables your team to work together efficiently and get things done fast. It's intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes communication and collaboration absolutely simple. It also packs a wide range of features like the all-info-in-one-glance dashboard, time tracking, editable Gantt charts, bug tracking and more. It's the secret behind how many businesses, organizations & groups within them reach their project milestones on time. Sign Up Now.

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GageIn is a business content hub for professionals. Our content, curated from 2 million company websites, 19 thousand publications, and social media platforms, enables users to discover, act on and share the most relevant updates with their network.

Sales: Potential leads and sales triggers emailed to you every day

Marketing: Monitor trends & key events and engage your target audiences

Research: Develop critical business insights and gain a competitive advantage

Critical information is easily accessible so professionals can spend less time searching and more time doing their jobs. Sign up for a free account today!

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Alcatel-Lucent, one of the largest innovation powerhouses in the communications industry, is turning the network into a powerful platform for developers.

With the launch of the Alcatel-Lucent Developer Platform, the company provides service providers and enterprises with tools that enable third-party developers to build, test, manage and distribute applications across networks, including television, broadband Internet and mobile. Alcatel-Lucent's introduction of a radical new business model combines network APIs with other third-party APIs, and opens revenue sharing opportunities to support developers in their pre-revenue wallets and provides an additional revenue channel for service providers.

The developer platform is part of a larger push by the company to combine the trusted capabilities of service providers with the speed and innovation of the Web.

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Medill School of Journalism

The Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University offers programs that combine the enduring skills and values of journalism with new techniques and knowledge that are essential to thrive in a digital world. You might have a passion for creating finely crafted prose, or for telling stories using visual tools. Maybe you are invigorated by the possibilities of interactive publishing, or by videography for the small screen. Maybe you are an experienced professional looking to renew and retool your multimedia skills. You can find your niche in Medill's graduate journalism program.

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DataStax is the developer of DataStaxEnterprise, a distributed, scalable, and highly available database platform built on Apache Cassandra that delivers optimal performance either on premise or in the cloud for modern enterprise applications that manage both real-time and analytic workloads. The company has over 100 customers, including leaders such as Netflix, Cisco, Rackspace and Constant Contact, and spanning verticals including web, financial services, telecommunications, logistics and government. DataStax is backed by industry leading investors, including Lightspeed Venture Partners and Crosslink Capital and is based in Burlingame, CA with offices in Austin, TX and Stamford, CT.

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BTBuckets is a free personalization and on-site behavioral targeting tool that allows websites to increase engagement and ultimately maximize conversion rate optimization (CRO) by clustering and targeting specific user groups. With a simple installation process (a single tag implemented on your site's webpages just like Google Analytics), BTBuckets can update and adapt your website in real-time to create the best experience for that specific user segment without the need to change any HTML code on your website.

BTBuckets segmentation capabilities include behavioral, demographic, customer life-cycle, technographic and firmograhic. Install the BTBuckets browser extension to create segments from within the Google Analytics interface and target these users immediately.

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Digital Media Skills Certificate at American University

American University's online graduate certificate in Digital Media Skills allows students to work full-time while taking challenging graduate-level online courses taught by experienced faculty trained to deliver superior content. In just 12 months, students will complete coursework in Digital Media Literacy, Web Development, Dynamic Content, and Video for Social Media. The final capstone project allows students to focus their interests in a particular area and to produce a professional portfolio that clearly demonstrates their skills, knowledge and digital vision. An optional on-campus session at the end of the program allows the opportunity to get one-on-one critiques from industry leaders.

Retool your technical skills, refocus your career goals, and reinvigorate how you think about Digital Media. The future is here. Don't be left behind. Learn more.

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RightScale is the leader in cloud computing management and enables organizations to easily deploy and manage business critical applications across multiple clouds.

Why you'll love RightScale:

  • Manage your entire cloud infrastructure from a single dashboard
  • Use ServerTemplates™ for dynamic configuration at run-time
  • Monitor and scale deployments to meet fluctuating demand
  • Clone servers and deployments and modify as needed
  • Launch deployments across multiple clouds

Once you create your free account, you'll be able to launch, monitor, and manage a server deployment in the cloud from the Web-based RightScale Dashboard. Try it free!

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Rovi's comprehensive catalogue of entertainment metadata provides CE manufacturers, service providers and online, mobile and application developers the necessary foundation to effectively market in the digital marketplace. Rovi's deep information about music, movies, TV shows, celebrities and more engages consumers and helps them navigate through overwhelming amounts of digital entertainment content. It provides the ingredients for advance search and recommendations which encourages continuous discovery and increases consumption of your products. Rovi's large collection of images can also help differentiate your products by creating more visually appealing experiences.

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Skytap provides cloud automation solutions for enterprises and software vendors to develop, test, migrate, evaluate, demo, and train on new and existing applications in the cloud. Skytap Cloud is ideal for distributed Dev/Test, Training and Sales Demo teams. Teams are empowered to:

  • Create multiple cloud environments in seconds
  • Run existing applications without any code changes
  • Deploy virtual data centers, take snapshots and collaborate
  • Accelerate bug resolution cycles by 75%
  • Reduce operating costs by 70% annually

Customers of all sizes can deploy Skytap in a day. Try Skytap for free.

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Spredfast is a social media management system designed to help companies succeed in social business. A software- as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Spredfast provides a unified platform for enterprises and agencies to manage, monitor and measure their social media programs. It also enables coordination of team activity and integration of social data into existing business systems. Spredfast works with brands like Nokia, AARP, Bayer, Wunderman and HomeAway to extend and publish their content and engage with their social community from a single interface on major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs and Flickr. For more information visit http://spredfast.com.

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Clickatell has over 22,000 customers utilizing our service from small mom & pop outfits to large Fortune 500 companies including Avaya, Oracle, Shell, Barclays, BP, CNN, BBC and more. Here's why you should trust us to mobilize your business: Our SMS gateway offers you wider coverage than any other SMS provider delivering messages to 600 network operators in 200 countries. Our gateway is not limited to SMS text messaging. You can also send a number of other message types including Ringtones, VCards, Binary, EMS, Unicode, Flash SMS, WAP Push, and more.

Clickatell offers you direct connectivity to its core SMS gateway platform via a number of APIs (application programming interfaces) including; HTTP (internet post), SMPP, FTP, XML, SMTP (email to SMS), SOAP and COM Object. Each API has full documentation with sample code where applicable. Learn more about Clickatell here.

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Nicolas Koenig is the developer who made our beautiful iPhone app a reality. He runs an iPhone development shop from the Netherlands called Toopia. Toopia also created the Thermometer iPhone app, which enables your iPhone or iPod touch to get the current temperature based on your location. The RWW app lets you read us on the go, follow us on Twitter, share stories on Facebook and Twitter, and browse at your leasure using Read it Later and Instapaper. Download the ReadWriteWeb iPhone application here.

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