Today professional network LinkedIn released its top most shared stories. There are currently 130 million professionals on LinkedIn, and the most popular shared articles are about how to be a better worker. The number two and number three most shared stories were about Steve Jobs. The number nine most shared article was about how people look at your Facebook profile, and the number one article was written by digital marketer Ilya Pozin for Inc. magazine; it is called "9 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money." So who are these LinkedIn users, anyhow?

An infographic from AdAge gives additional breakdown of LinkedIn by age, sex and location. It shows that the majority of LinkedIn users are U.S.-based men and women ages 35-54. There are no users ages 13-17.

According to the January 2011 LinkedIn demographics slideshow, North American users breakdown like so: 13% are in the high tech industry, 14.8% are in finance, 10.8% are in the medical industry, 7.5% are in manufacturing and 7.1% are in corporate America.