Jon Mitchell reminds us of all the most epic tech fails of 2011. Richard MacManus counts down the biggest surprises of 2011. All of this and more in the ReadWriteWeb Weekly Wrap-up.

After the jump you'll find more of this week's top news stories on some of the key topics that are shaping the Web - Location, App Stores and Real-Time Web - plus highlights from some of our six channels. Read on for more.

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Top 7 Epic Tech Fails of 2011

From Netflix to RIM, Jon recounts the years biggest "Oops!" moments. If you're having a bad day, these colossal mistakes should cheer you up. Check out the Top 7 Epic Tech Fails of 2011.

5 Biggest Surprises of 2011

Richard counted down the biggest surprises of 2011, including Google+ (which ReadWriteWeb found in March). For the rest of the surprises, check out the 5 Biggest Surprises of 2011.

More Top Posts:

Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 5 Coming Any Day Now

Owners of iPads, iPhones and iPods running the latest version of iOS have not yet had the option to jailbreak their devices in a way that's at all worth the trouble. For those who are dying to break free of Apple's restrictions, an untethered jailbreak appears to be on the way. More

Why Firefox Isn't Doomed [HOT TOPIC]

This has been a rough year for Mozilla and its Firefox team. Once the darling of the Web and the champion of the oppressed against Microsoft and Internet Explorer, Firefox is facing stiff competition from its primary benefactor and backlash from users. Chrome also seems to be the preferred browser of Web developers. Naturally, this means speculation about the future of Firefox. More

Top 5 Internet Devices of 2011

Remember when accessing the Internet meant sitting down at a desk with a clunky computer and CRT monitor on it and then waiting for the dial-up modem to finish making that awful noise? Those days are thankfully long gone and today we are speedily using the Web from a variety of devices, big and small. More

Facebook Testing Private Messages For Pages

Facebook just confirmed with us that it's testing a feature that would allow people and Pages to communicate privately. This update was first spotted by communications agency The private messaging feature would give customers the opportunity to speak privately with page owners. This is actually another Twitter-like move by Facebook. More

Blogger Gets "The First of Many Google+ Features"

Blogger has announced "the first of many Google+ features" today, launching an automatic +snippet sharing box after you publish a blog post. It only saves a few clicks, but this makes it as easy as humanly possible to share Blogger posts to your Google+ circles. More

YouTube for Schools: All the TED Talks, None of the Cat Videos

YouTube has launched a new initiative called YouTube for Schools, which will enable educators to open up classrooms to the wide world of educational content on YouTube without all the junk. Open Internet access in schools is tricky, with all the distractions and time-wasters out there, so Google is taking this step to make educators' lives easier. More

Bottlenose Intelligent Social Dashboard Launches Private Beta [HOT TOPIC]

In the words of Nova Spivack, we are approaching The Sharepocalypse. The real-time Web sounded like a great idea, but it has become impossible to manage. The success of social media has proven, ironically, to be its biggest challenge. The services we already use are getting busier, and whole new networks are popping up all the time. Email used to be the only problem. Today, the info streams are legion. More

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