The New Delicious UI Updates Make It Look Just Like Pinterest

Ever since its redesign, Delicious has looked increasingly like mainstream social bookmarking site Pinterest. The latest Delicious UI overhaul applies the same visually focused look to the link-saving page, which was operating under the “old” look until just today. The new design is focused on visuals and stacks, whereas the old version was more about tags and recommended tags. Is it bad that Delicious is trying to copy Pinterest’s look?

Pinterest is a fast-growing, visually focused social bookmarking site that grabs mainstream social networking users. CEO Ben Silbermann, a West Des Moines native, said that the first people to understand and use the site were women in Des Moines, Minneapolis, Houston and, later, Chicago.

In fact, AdAge spoke with Shannon King, GM of digital for Real Simple magazine, who said that Pinterest has referred “more traffic to the site than even Facebook.”

Where does that leave Delicious? Trying to figure out who its new core audience is post re-design, especially since tech geeks are pretty much over it.

In an attempt to make stacks more visually appealing, Delicious has staggered them to look just like Pinterest’s.

YouTube Co-Founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen bought Delicious from Yahoo earlier this year with plans to make it more appealing to mainstream users.

Will the latest Delicious overhaul officially push it, and social bookmarking, mainstream?

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