And here we all thought we were changing the world and creating The Future. 74% of online adults say they use the Web for no reason whatsoever. The Internet is just there, dangling over our heads like a mobile full of planets and kitties and smiley faces, and we're just staring up at it from our cribs like a bunch of little babies.

At least, that's what this Pew Internet study is getting at, I think. It gives a bunch of different numbers, really. They range from 53%-ish to 81%-ish. It's pretty hard to nail down. Anyway, various kinds of people use the Internet for various kinds of things, including nothing. Here are some charts and graphs to look at.

So, let's see here. In a typical day, it looks like half of The Millennials in the U.S. go online just, you know, cuz. There's a line there for all adults, but it's blotchy and dotted and doesn't go all the way to the end, so you can't really tell what that stat is. It's okay, though. There's another chart in here.

Yeah, so I guess what's different about this one is that the one up there says "on a typical day," and this one doesn't. It's impossible to tell from the sentences in this blog post, which all kind of seem like the same sentence rewritten a bunch of different ways. Or am I having a stroke?

Well anyway, these lines look similar, but not as steep as the other ones, meaning that a bigger proportion of grownups use the Web for no reason "in a typical day" than they do... um... at all.

So, there ya go! Conclusions! The Pew Internet post contains lots of conclusions, like the fact that people have more computers and faster Internet connections, which contributes to the ability to use the Internet, so that's fascinating.

Then it talks about how "the internet has become a competitor to all kinds of other leisure activities," although it clarifies that "the competition is fuzzy."

And that's about it. Do you feel informed? I don't. This report sucked. So why the hell is it on Techmeme?

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