Jon says the version 2 do-over of the life-streaming app, Path, is like a slicker, more elegant Facebook Timeline. Is that a good or bad thing? Either way, Path is live and ready to play with, and Timeline's launch continues to slip. This and more in today's Daily Wrap.

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Path, Timeline & Worship of The Self

ReadWriteWeb writer Jon Mitchell has mixed feelings about the Timeline-esque app, Path. He explains that while the app's design is amazing, it still has some issues, including mainstream user adoption and extreme similarities to Facebook's Timeline. Of course, Timeline only wishes it was this elegantly done.

From Matt Albert, ReadWriteWeb commenter:

For me as a father and a son and a brother to technophobes with iphones and no facebook accounts this is exactly what I want out of a social network. Oh hell yea there is an awful lot of this "ego streaming" but isn't that part of the fun. As a designer myself its refreshing to see something so elegant and new come onto the "scene".

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