Au-to-do: Google Releases App Engine Ticket Tracker

Google is hoping to entice a few developers over to Google App Engine (GAE) by providing a ticket tracker that runs on GAE for developers to study and test out.

Called Au-to-do, it’s written in Python and uses Google Cloud Storage, the Prediction API, Tasks API and OAuth 2.

The getting started guide will walk you through all of the requirements and show you how to set up your own instance of Au-to-do. (It can be pronounced as “auto-do” or “ought to do.”)

To get started you’ll need the Google API Client Library for Python, a GAE application ID, and you’ll also need to enable billing. GAE has a free quota for Cloud Storage, but you still need to hand over your billing info.

If you’re just getting started with GAE, you might want to start with Google’s Guestbook application instead, as it’s a bit easier to set up.

The interesting thing about this application is that it makes use of the Predictions API to try to label incidents as they come into the system. I could see how extending Au-to-do to also make predictions about assigning tickets and priorities might be useful. The application is available under the Apache 2.0 license, so developers are welcome to grab and extend it.

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