Enterprises are increasingly turning to the cloud for their computing needs, and are now accessing everything from individual applications to entire infrastructures remotely rather than via on-premises
hardware and software. Meanwhile, the sheer volume of data that enterprises have to deal with is exploding, as is the number of sources of that data.

Data needs to travel without encumbrances in the enterprise for people to take full advantage of its capabilities. Organizations need to have an infrastructure in place that can handle multiple forms of data effectively. That infrastructure also has to be elastic and flexible enough in order for development teams to deploy the applications the enterprise needs to stay competitive.

In this brief, sponsored by CenturyLink, John Paul Titlow looks at The Criitical Importance of the New Data Infrastructure and covers:

  • What the new data infrastructure looks like.
  • The forms of data being used on the network.
  • How a network can be a bottleneck for business in a data-intensive environment.
  • The relationship between business and IT as companies transition to elastic environments.
  • Titlow covers a number of issues related to the data explosion that are relevant to almost every company today. The Critical Importance of the New Data Infrastructure brief outlines the issues, and what you can do to avoid costly mistakes when developing and expanding your own infrastructure