MacBook Air Contest Winners and November Extension

The moment many of you have been waiting for is here. We’re pleased to announce the last two winners of the MacBook Air contest! Give a big hand to Aaron Meyers and Marshall May! If you’re not Meyers or May, don’t lose hope: We’re extending the last MacBook Air contest for 2011 through Thanksgiving Weekend.

Meyers, senior business systems analyst for a government contractor, responded to “tell us how you won management over to virtualization.” Meyers provided an in-depth response that contest judge Roger Levy, SVP of product at Engine Yard, deamed worthy of a MacBook Air.

May, a software engineer for an education company in Provo, UT, responded to our query about the most successful virtualization projects. OpenStack contributor Rick Clark judged this one for us, and chose May’s lengthy and detailed response that covers working with virtualization in the education space.

If you’re not Meyers or May, though, this is your last chance of the year to win a MacBook Air from ReadWriteCloud. Head over to the November contest page, and answer the question: “What workloads are you running under virtualization, and what are you holding back?” (Be sure to comment on the original contest page, not this one!)

All you need is a Disqus account, and be sure to read the contest rules. The contest is extended through Sunday, November 27th at 11:59 (Eastern). We’re looking forward to your responses – don’t delay!

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