Today StockTwits, the online community of investors, expanded its reach to include companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). The format for Canadian stocks is $(TICKER).CA.

To use StockTwit, sign in with your Twitter account, and tell the service which stocks you'd like to follow. Every tweet tagged with $ before the stock symbol (e.g. $GRPN, $LNKD) will show up in your stream. Tagging Canadian companies works the same way as American companies.

In addition to sharing information with the StockTwits community, users can also syndicate info to social media sites Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and financial outlets including The Globe and Mail, Yahoo! Finance and Reuters.

Nearly 200 public companies in the U.S. use StockTwits. LinkedIn, for example, used StockTwit on its first social earnings call.

In June, StockTwits launched its real-time app for Android and its first investor relations social dashboard, which let public companies claim its tickers.