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Today Google+ launched Pages for brands and organizations. We don’t know yet how brands will use Google+ Pages. But it’s a good bet that they will be conversational, given the traction that Google+ has shown with topic-based communities.

We’ve dived right in and created a Google+ Page for ReadWriteWeb. Our brand is for engaged technologists to discover and discuss ?what’s next on the Web, so we hope to get to know our community better in Google+. Circle RWW to explore the future with us!

We also want to know your suggestions on how we should use our G+ Page, so let us know either in the comments here or over on G+.

Also, how will G+ Pages differ from Facebook Pages? We have a presence on both social networks (here is our Facebook Page), so it will be interesting to see over time how different communities use the two. Let us know your thoughts on that as well.

If you have a brand, you can create your Google+ Page here:

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