Quick Audience Response Testing With Napkin Labs

If you are looking for a quick and dirty way to get feedback to product plans or marketing campaigns, check out the latest additions to Napkin Labs’ audience response service. These make it easier to collect information from a variety of sources and methods, and all for a very reasonable monthly price.

This isn’t a surveying tool, like SurveyMonkey or others. Instead, it is for more creative and open-ended kinds of tasks, like if you are reviewing a new logo for a client or want to refine the scope of a project workplan. How does it work?

Each user is assigned their own virtual “lab” space to add experiments as they see fit. You use the service by posting what they call “challenges” to be answered by your community. You select one of several templates (see the screenshot below) for discussion, photo albums (which is new) or idea creation apps, pose your questions, pick participants, and send out invites to specific people via email. You can also post the challenges to a special Facebook page, embed a link on your own website or use a special URL that is assigned to your lab.

The photo album app makes it easy to share photos among a group, asking them to post the best captions or tag each picture with appropriate descriptions. Each lab automatically collects stats on originating IP addresses and gender/age demographics.

The notion behind Napkin Labs is to try things out – hence its name – and act on the feedback you are getting quickly. The service starts at $100 per month, and has a 30-day trial, although you will need to enter your credit card (boo). Filtering tools and premium support will cost more.

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