You Should Grab This New Google Plus Sharing Bookmarklet, It is Oh So Easy

Pinoy-Canadian web developer AJ Batac put together a drop dead simple javascript bookmarklet today that makes it easy to share any webpage you’re visiting in Google Plus, along with a comment. The way it works is that your account publicly +1’s the page, then gives you the option to share it with whatever Circles you choose.

Batac calls it “not beautiful, but simple – and it should work.” Indeed it does, it works very well. It’s evidence too that powerful, fun and useful things can be done in simple ways. Thanks for making this AJ!

Above: That’s what it looks like when a person looks like their dog, the relationship gets described in a report online and then I push the Share on Google Plus bookmarklet.

Whether Google Plus is the fastest growing social network in history or a fast-cooling over hyped and pointless fad is, for now, a matter of perspective. For those of us who do use the service though, it is often far more engaging than any other alternative. You can find me on Plus here.

I found this via Sarah Vela and it was made by AJ Batac.

You like bookmarklets? Here’s an experimental one that will search for whatever URL you’re on in Topsy’s new Google Plus index – to see what conversations have happened on Google Plus about that URL: Plus Hunt

Disclosure: Google Plus bought my love by including me in its recommended users list, artificially inflating my number of social contacts and changing the way I experience and describe the service. All because I’m so handsome, I presume that’s why they listed me.

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