SoundCloud may have been knocked offline by a DDoS Attack last night, but today it's back and fully integrated into content curation platform, Storify.

Storify launched its public beta version in April of this year, and quickly became a popular platform for online content curation. Storify allows users to pull information from social media - tweets, videos, photos, links - in order to build stories, and SoundCloud is a smart, seamless way to add original music to the stream. It's an easy way to stitch together a diverse array of content into a news stream, a homeknit story, or just a curious experiment, like the aggregated nyan cat content below.

To add SoundCloud as a source in your Storify account, just go to Settings, Sources, and then drag the SoundCloud icon onto the Source bar. As you're building your story, just search for clips on SoundCloud.