LinkedIn has launched status updates from companies. Administrators of company pages can post short updates just like individual users can. This provides companies with a way to engage followers and start conversations from within the public LinkedIn stream.

Users of LinkedIn could follow company profiles since 2010. Previously, users following a company would see personnel changes, new job openings and company profile updates. Now companies can also share 500-character messages, links and media with followers as well.

LinkedIn has made an effort to enhance its social features this year, opening its Groups API to developers and adding Groups to its new native mobile apps. The professional social network also set a good precedent for sharing in its first-ever public earnings call, making the slide deck embeddable for anyone and live-tweeting the call.

LinkedIn is moving toward becoming the human resources hub for companies on the Web, not just a place for two-way networking. In July, LinkedIn enabled employers to let job applicants apply with LinkedIn from a company's own website. Today's update adds another way for companies and professionals to interact using LinkedIn.

[8/23/2011 10:11:32 AM] Abraham Hyatt: Check out the slides from LinkedIn's Q2 2011 earnings call: