What Do Users Want In the iPhone 5? [Infographic]

There is an announcement coming next week from Cupertino. While, there is a slight possibility that it will be about the death of the iPod Nano, it is far more likely that Apple is going to announce much-anticipated iPhone 5. Anything else would be shocking.

We do not play the iPhone rumor game much at ReadWriteWeb. It is impossible to keep up with and we do not really like to speculate on things like Gorilla Glass or the speed of ARM processors. What we do like is to cover how iOS 5 will change the Apple platform and what new software Apple is cooking up to change our lives. What do you want in the iPhone 5? Check out the infographic below and let us know in the comments.

One surprising tidbit about iOS 5 is that the final beta version, the “Gold Master,” is not yet in the wild. A select group of preferred developers may have it, but Apple has not released the final version to the entire ecosystem yet.

The infographic below shows that most iPhone users have between five and 30 free apps and zero to 10 paid apps. iPhone users open their device between 15 and 49 times a day on average, either to use apps, text or make phone calls.

According to the survey, done by a company called “Ask Your Target Market” (AYTM) says that the features most iPhone 5 users will want are longer battery life, unlimited data (which the average consumer does not exactly understand) and the end to long term contracts. Wi-Fi tethering at no extra cost and a better camera were also on the list of what people want.

AT&T users are more likely to get an iPhone 5 than Verizon customers. No word on how many Sprint customers will make the switch immediately. AT&T users have been locked into two-year contracts with older devices like the 3G and 3GS, so that would make sense. Verizon customers have only had the iPhone 4 since March.

The survey is based on data from 1,000 U.S. iPhone users aged 18 or older. AYTM says that some of the data in the infographic might have too small of a statistical base to make a significant difference.

Check it out and let us know what you want from the iPhone 5 in the comments.

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