Feedly just launched version 6.0 of its free RSS reader for desktop Web browsers, Android and iOS. The app can now act as a client for your Tumblr account. You can read and reblog posts from within the colorful reader. It also sports some new curated topics, called "essentials," ranging from "Apple" and "Data Visualization" to "Do It Yourself" and "Gardening." Visually, the minimal app has teamed up with Vladstudio to provide some cute and colorful themes.

Feedly has also gotten more social. Previous versions had buggy sharing features, but those have been fixed, and today's release also adds Google Plus integration. Finally, the new features all sync across platforms, between the plug-ins for Chrome, Firefox and Safari and the mobile apps for phones and tablets.

Feedly is not a social reader like Flipboard. It promotes its own topical "essentials," which are curated and well worth exploring, and then it pulls from Google Reader and rearranges the content, although today's update lets you add your Tumblr feed as well. But it offers an engrossing reading experience, and the sharing features make it easy to show articles to friends. Best of all, even though it's a free app, there's almost no intrusion into the minimal interface, since promoted content is Feedly's main revenue stream.

Check out the Feedly team's video on ways to customize your reading experience:

You can get Feedly for your platform of choice from the splash page on feedly.com.

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