So, what just happened at F8, the Facebook developer's conference? In a word, Facebook has promised a re-imagined content and personalization platform for the Web.

If you believe the F8 conference hype, on Sept. 29 when Timeline opens to the public, Facebook is the place where every single inch of your life can be displayed, from the time you were born, to the time you die. It's also going to be the place where every single piece of media you share and consume will be distributed to everyone you know.

Here's a wrap-up of how they are doing that.

First, timeline will be like your live-streaming baby album, stretched from your birth until whenever you kick it. It will basically allow you to reach back in time, before Facebook, and post those pictures and information. Dust off that scanner.

Media will be the main engine of developer growth. Basically, app distribution will run on the backbone of the meaningful and colorful media you typically enjoy on TV, at the movies, or on other sites like Hulu or Netflix.

We're talking apps that stream music, movies, tv shows and any kind of media known to man, which will spur people to share and connect with people. That's 800 million people streaming media to, potentially, each of their friends.

But wait, there's more! There will be no app store for Facebook, according to Bret Taylor, the network's CTO.

The apps will basically run on people's profiles, as if they are channel, only sourced from non-proprietary third party platforms.

Taylor also said the Open Graph API is strongly leaning towards mobile.