What was the most compelling reason that you used to win over management to switch to virtual infrastructure?

That's the question for our latest ReadWriteWeb Cloud contest. The prize? A light-as-a-feather MacBook Air. All you need to do is submit the best comment right here on this post, and you'll be taking home a MacBook Air. Participating is easy, you just need a Disqus account, and make sure you follow the rules.

We know that ReadWriteCloud readers have been persuading management to take on virtualization projects for years, so we're keen to know – what reasons won over management? Let us know what made your management jump for virtualization, and you have a good shot at winning a MacBook Air.

To win, you need to comment by September 30th. We'll announce the winner shortly thereafter. You can't win if you don't respond, so fire up the keyboard and let us know how you won management over to virtualization. We're looking forward to your responses!