Just a month ago, Amazon introduced Direct Connect for establishing a direct connection from a customer site to Amazon Web Services. Initially, Direct Connect was rolled out just in the US-East region. Today the company announced that it was turning on the lights out West.

AWS is now offering Direct Connect via Equinix's San Jose Facility for the US-West region.

Unlike most of the AWS services, it's not an automated process to get started – customers will have to fill out a contact form and work with AWS sales to get going.

Pricing is $0.30 an hour for a 1Gbps port, and $2.25 an hour for a 10Gbps port. Data transfer into AWS costs nothing, transfer out is $0.02 per GB. You're looking at a bill of about $1,620 a month if you use a 10Gbps port 24/7, or just $216 a month for the 1Gbps port.

Plans are in place to roll out Direct Connect in Los Angeles, London, Singapore and Tokyo over the next few months.