This week SplashData will announce the launch of SplashID Enterprise 2.0, featuring updated Windows and Mac OS clients, new mobile apps and a Web-based application for better ID management. They have also integrated the service into Microsoft's Active Directory and now offer a free 30-day trial for unlimited users, and $5 per user per month afterwards.

They are the latest in a long line of password management tools that bridge the gap between traditional packaged software and cloud apps that are designed to be deployed across the enterprise.

One of the more capable services around was a service that Vmware bought from TriCipher that it renamed Horizon App Manager. If you get to all your apps through this solution, you don't need to remember or manage or keep safe multiple IDs and passwords. They were focused on Web and cloud-based apps but this week they also announced a mobile version as well as enhancements that will now offer a centralized console to manage access, deployment and updates to virtual Windows applications, which will be in beta by the end of the year.

And Intel acquired Nordic Edge last year and has been busy integrating its services into its Expressway Cloud Access 360 single-sign on cloud offerings.

Still, Splash has a complete product line from mobile to Web and fat client versions, something that these others don't have. The biggest obstacle to these tools is just getting people to use them and set up all their passwords and ID combinations to make the automated sign-ons possible.