It's not unusual for Apple to dominate the news, but this week it was inescapable. Steve Jobs' decision to step down as CEO sent shockwaves through the industry. Jobs' decision doesn't come as a surprise, exactly, but the timing was unexpected. Scott Fulton looked back at Jobs' history with Apple and lessons learned from that. Fulton's coverage on Jobs' departure was joined with four things entrepreneurs should ignore when examining Jobs' legacy.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Linux, we also contrasted the Linux community's approach and achievements with those of Jobs. After the jump, you'll find more on this week's top news stories from ReadWriteWeb's Enteprise, Cloud, Mobile, and Hack channels.

Top Stories of the Week

One of my favorite stories this week was David Strom's Why Secure Email Still Doesn't Add Up. Strom takes a look at the anemic adoption of secure messaging, and says he can only remember one encrypted message in the last year. "Encrypted email should be the norm, not the once-in-a-lifetime event." Read on for some of the problems with encrypted email adoption.

Amazon EC2 turned five this week. It's amazing how much AWS, and cloud computing, have grown in just five years. Farther than parallel file transfer on Windows, apparently. Over on ReadWriteWeb Hack, Fulton looks at the long road to parallel file transfer coming, finally, to Windows 8.

On the Mobile side, Dan Rowinski asks the question, "will HTML5 Web apps eventually dominate the mobile market?" My vote's yes, but maybe that's wishful thinking – we'd love to hear your thoughts.

There's much more from the ReadWriteWeb Channels this week: