Australian educational blogging platform EduBlogs announced this week that it now hosts more than 1 million blogs published by teachers and students. The six year old, 15 person company offers free blogs, paid blogs and campus-based blog networks. It's all built on top of WordPress and parent company IncSub says Edublogs is the second most-popular WordPress site online. (Presumably after

Edublogs celebrated hosting 100,000 blogs in the Fall of 2007. The growth of blogging in education is an important development.

Two weeks ago, wikis and mapping integration were launched on the platform.

Edublogs used to offer a video hosting alternative to YouTube called as well, but took that site offline a year ago this month. The company said it would return but so far it hasn't.

That blog reading and writing has proliferated throughout the world of education is no doubt a boon to the efforts of educators. By helping teachers supplement classroom instruction, compare notes with peers and communicate online with students learning to express themselves in newly accessible public fora - education blogging is one of the best examples of meaningful application of a technology so often derided as shallow and of little importance just a few short years ago when organizations like launched.