Several vendors are increasing their feature sets to make it easier to manage multiple cloud environments and multiple VM hypervisors. This is just part of the natural evolution of the cloud and dealing with the facts of cloud life that multiple situations exist within corporations. The two announcements this week include updates from Nimbula and VMTurbo, although the two products aren't directly comparable they are indicators of this trend. We covered another similar announcement last week about Hotlink'a multiple hypervisor management tools here.

First is Nimbula Director. Version 1.5 was announced today that provides for managing multiple kinds of cloud environments and hypervisors and on and off premises. It offers secure multitenancy, cloud orchestration and metering and monitoring. For deployments up to 40 cores, the company is offering Director free of charge. You can download it here starting next month.

New features include the ability to package up a choice of operating systems along with drivers and management software to create a customized basis for their own cloud as well as being able to support a geographically distributed cloud and presenting a single login and a single view of the entire virtual infrastructure. You can also distribute their management software to each node to enable faster automated recovery for an "always-on" private cloud service.

Next is VMTurbo which added to its support for VMware installations the ability to also now manage Windows Server Hyper-V. The software can handle a wide array of tasks, including infrastructure monitoring, problem detection and historical reporting. The company offers a free download of its Community Edition along with 30 day free trials of Enterprise and Cloud Operations Manager here. The latter two products start at $25 per socket and $49 per socket per month.

You can see both products in action at the VMworld show later this month in Vegas. There will no doubt be lots of others, and we'll try to keep you abreast of them prior to the show so you can find them intelligently.