ZURB Design Wants To Help Your Nonprofit Complete A Mission

Silicon Valley design agency ZURB is holding their fourth annual ZURBwired event on August 18, in which the firm donates 24 hours of their time to accomplish one mission for a nonprofit partner, whether it’s designing a website, creating a fundraising campaign, or solving any other problem they can think of. The deadline for nonprofits to apply is Friday, August 5 (tomorrow). The proposal submission can be found here.

ZURB says the donations of time and effort for this event exceed $30,000 each time, and that the first three events have raised over $100,000 for their partners. ZURB has found that the collaboration benefits both parties, even if it sounds “crazy:”

“This event gives the ZURB team a chance to help a nonprofit get unstuck by giving back in the best way we know how – by helping them solve problems through our time and effort. We get to stretch and grow while sharing our unique skill set for designing things for people.”

Many nonprofits, especially small ones, have a lot on their plate, and building a great Web portal often takes a back seat to more immediate concerns, even though a website might be vital. It’s great of ZURB to offer their creative and technical services as a donation.

Check out this video from last year’s event in partnership with Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT):

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