Home Hacking Hardware Platform Arduino Launches Lab for Community Experiments

Arduino, “an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software” and aimed at artists and hobbyists, this morning launched a new Labs website to host experimental products, code libraries and community efforts.

The first two Labs projects are the Mega ADK, a software and hardware package built with Google to facilitate the creation of Arduino peripherals on top of the Android platform and the GPRS/GSM Shield, a hardware/software add-on built with Spanish telecom giant Telefonica and made to enable SMS, voice and TCP communication over the General Packet Radio Service.

We’ve written about Arduino many times here at ReadWriteWeb, along with a number of other systems for connecting your devices to the Internet.

The blog I Heart Robotics called the move exciting and said it hopes that some of the code hosted in the new Lab will make working with robots like those in the video below “a bit easier.”

The democratization of tech-enabled creativity continues; its many forms and consequences are just beginning to emerge.

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