Macbook Giveaway Cloud Contest: Two Chances to Win in August

What are important considerations when managing hundreds of virtual machines?

That’s the question this month for our MacBook Air contest. Best comment on this post wins. You’ll need a Disqus account to participate, and rules can be found here. The question raises all kinds of potential conversations, ranging from the type of security tools to VM change and deployment management. So, even if your own VM installation isn’t quite as big as Savvis’, let’s hear your suggestions!

We’ll review the comments and pick a winner at the middle of the month, because this month we are running two, that’s right, two contests and two chances to win a spanking new laptop. So don’t delay, post away.

Our judge for this contest is Bryan Doerr, who has served as the CTO of Savvis, a division of CenturyLink, since 2003. Savvis, based in Town & Country Mo, is a leading provider of cloud-computing, hosting and network services. Prior to his work at Savvis, Bryan held several positions in management, software research and software development at Bridge Information Systems, Boeing and the Johns Hopkins APL.

Our winner in last month’s contest was Mark Ekive, who gave some very thoughtful responses to our question on key data protection considerations.

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