Add Identity as a Service to cloud-based services, thanks to an announcement this week from Radiant Logic at the Burton/Gartner Catalyst conference. Radiant had previously announced its RadiantOne Cloud Federation Services earlier this year, and CFS is now available, along with a new product called Virtual Directory Server Plus.

Together you can unify disparate local and cloud environments under a single federated identity. CFS delivers secure identity tokens to cloud-based applications that support SAML 1.1, 2.0, SharePoint 2007/2010, Google Apps,, WebEx and WS-Federation. It can also federate with other Identity Providers, such as Windows Azure ACS and ADFS, as well as WAM/federation solutions, such as SiteMinder, Ping Federate, OpenAM, and Shibboleth. CFS supports Integrated Windows Authentication for identities belonging to different AD domains and forests, extending SSO to users residing in different AD forests.

The VDS solution has a configuration wizard that simplifies set-up, cutting down on deployment time and confusion, and can aggregate directories quickly and easily.

The issue is that every cloud not only has its silver lining, but its own directory structure, access controls, and user groups. The two products can provide a single sign on and connect to existing identity management tools. While there are single sign on tools, Radiant provides a centrally managed repository for the service.

Pricing is CPU-based and starts at $10,000 per CPU for CFS and $25,000 per CPU for VDS+.