GoogleMINUS: See Who Kicked You Out of a Google Plus Circle

Are you getting “unfriended” on Google Plus? A new application called GoogleMINUS will tell you. Although Google Plus itself tells you when you’re being added to Circles, it doesn’t inform you when you’re being removed from them. Was that one kitten post too many? Are you over-sharing? Maybe you’re just doing this whole Circles thing wrong! Well, now you’ll know.

An “Unfriending” Tracker for Google+

Similar to the Unfriend Finder for tracking lost Facebook friends, GoogleMINUS is a browser extension, not a full online application with a dedicated web presence.

The extension works on the Google Chrome Web browser, Firefox or Safari, and requires the Kynetx browser extension to be installed first. Kynetx is a platform that allows developers to easily build cross-platform apps that run on multiple browsers, adding extra functionality to favorite websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and more.

Once Kynetx is installed, you can then add any one of these dozens of apps, including GoogleMINUS, after first authenticating via Facebook or Google to establish an account on Apps are built by independent third-party developers, and in the case of GoogleMINUS, we have Aaron Frost to thank…or perhaps blame. (We’ll see how depressed this makes us first.)

What It Does

The way the GoogleMINUS works is simple – every time someone removes you from a Circle, you are notified via pop-up. More features are coming soon, says Frost, so stay tuned.

But we’re not sure if our egos can handle it…can yours?

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