Looking for an easy way to move your photos from Facebook to Google Plus? So were we. That's why we were happy to discover this Web application, available in the Chrome Web store, that does the work for you. Available only as a browser add-on for Google Chrome, Move2Picasa exports all your Facebook albums and photos and imports them into Picasa for you, for free. You can then share those pictures with your Circles on Google Plus.


Even if you're planning to maintain a social presence on both Google Plus and Facebook, it's always smart to have multiple backups of your photos. And since Google Plus now offers unlimited photo storage, it's a good place to keep an extra copy of your digital pics.

To get started, you first need to install the browser extension Move2Picasa. This puts a small Picasa icon at the top of Google Chrome, next to the address bar. To use the app, click the button to authenticate with Facebook.

You can then check and uncheck which Facebook albums will be copied over to Picasa. You can either check "upload all," "upload none," or you can pick and choose the photos to migrate. The extension even offers to delete any empty albums you may have accidentally created over on Picasa previously.

After selecting the photos, it's just one click of the "upload button" to get the process started. The export process goes pretty quickly, we found, even if you have a large number of photos.

When the photo uploads are complete, these albums will be available to you in Google Plus (set to private by default). You can then share them with your Google Plus Circles, as you would any other album hosted on the site.

Thanks to Googler Eran Belinsky for the tip.