Introducing Our New Community Manager: Robyn Tippins

I’m thrilled to introduce ReadWriteWeb’s new Senior Community Manager, Robyn Tippins. Robyn comes to us from Current TV, where she was their Senior Community Manager. Prior to that, Robyn was Community Manager at Yahoo Developer Network from 2008-2010 and before that MyBlogLog. What’s more, Robyn has literally written the book on Community Management: Community 101: How to Grow an Online Community, published last year.

So Robyn has a wealth of experience in this role! She is also a wonderful personal fit for our brand of smart, passionate,
forward-thinking tech news coverage. You’ll see Robyn involved in the RWW comments, on Twitter, Facebook and many other social communities – including of course Google Plus!

In addition to her recent work at Current TV and Yahoo, Robyn has worked with other Fortune 500 companies: Intel, MTV, ATT, Fleishman Hillard, Behr Paints.

A big thank you to Tikva Morowati for pointing Robyn in our direction! Also thank you Katy Zack for her help in filling this role. There’s nothing like the Social Web, ay! 🙂

Read more about Robyn on her personal blog. She’s on Twitter of course – and don’t forget there is a Team RWW list on Twitter, where you will find all of our team.

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