Cenzic Will Do a Free Security Scan of Your Web Apps

There are numerous SaaS-based scanning services for your Web site, and most of them will check your HTML for errors, look for security loopholes or ping your site to make sure it is operating and reachable. A not-so-new entrant into this area is from Cenzic, called ClickToSecure Cloud. Beginning today, the service is available for purchase from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

ClickToSecure can handle PCI 6.6 compliance checking in addition to more than 20 other tests for common Web application coding errors such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection. Yes, it isn’t the only securing scanner in town; a listing for just PCI compliance has more than 150 links to others such as AppLabs PCI Scanner, Comodo HackerGuardian and eEye Retina just to name three. It is very easy to get started on and is priced reasonably. Your website must have a publicly-reachable IP address or URL to be scanned.

Once the scan is complete you are emailed the notification and you can download their report from their website. Ours took several hours for a simple WordPress site. A sample of what the resulting report looks like can be seen below (our scan shows several failures):

To get interest up in its product, Cenzic will give away a free copy to the first 500 takers today that come in through the Microsoft storefront. Otherwise, there are several different prices, starting at $8 per month for a one-time only scan and can be as high as $133 per month for the “gold” service which includes five site scans that conduct a total of 24 different tests.

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