There are dozens of remote PC control apps for iOS, including Citrix Receiver, various VNC ports and LogMeIn Ignition. The latter announced an update to its $30 app today that includes the ability to send any kind of file back and forth between your PC and phone, without having first to collect them from iTunes or iPhoto.

Why is this important? For one thing, when you are in the throes of doing a remote control session, you occasionally have the need to move a file one way or another. Second, it works over Wi-Fi and 3G connections, so you don't need a nearby computer to offload your files. You can create new folders and move files about at will. Those of us that remember using Laplink can finally rejoice that this feature is finally available in an iOS device.

A number of synchronization services are available that handle file transfer, including Evernote, SugarSynch and FileMagnet (see the TidBITS story comparing five of them). Ignition avoids the effort in using a second app for these transfer tasks.

You can download the latest version from the iTunes Store here. You'll need to set up a free LogMeIn account and install the desktop software on the computers that you wish to remotely control first.

Also in other news, Ignition will come pre-installed on new Toshiba Android Thrive tablets and be available for a free 45-day period, and $25 thereafter. Like other Android versions, though, it doesn't include the file transfer feature yet.