Poll: Do You Want to Use Google Plus for Work?

I had hoped I could be done writing and thinking about Google Plus for the week and maybe indulge in some retro-computing nostalgia for the rest of the day (among the ReadWriteWeb staff I seem to be the least excited about Plus). Instead I just read this post by Dennis Howlett that makes the case that Google Plus is for the enterprise.

Howlett makes the case that Hangout could replace Skype, and possibly eventually conferencing tools like WebEx and Adobe Connect. But the real killer app could be inter-company collaboration and content sharing, which companies like Discourse and Huddle have been trying to work out. The ability to seamlessly connect with individuals inside and outside the firewall is appealing.

It reminds me of when we asked whether Facebook Groups would kill the enterprise social network. But Google already has enterprise applications, and its ambitions far reaching implications for the enterprise.

But here’s the question: do you want to use Plus in this way?

However the poll works out, I’m sure many social CRM vendors are rethinking their strategies at this point.

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