VMware Labs Tentatively Releases Zimbra Client for Android

Things have been quiet on the Zimbra front for some time now, so it’s nice to hear a little news: VMware has released a Zimbra client for Android. But it describes the apps as a “fling.”

Zimbra for Android is free, but there is no support and no guarantee that it will ever become part of an official product offering. In other words, it’s nothing you want to seriously deploy, but if you’re both a Zimbra user and an Android user you might want to check it out and give VMware your feedback.

Zimbra running on an Android tablet

The client enables users to access e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and files. It doesn’t seem to have built in support for document editing. It should work with “any Microsoft ActiveSync compliant email server and also supports the VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server.”

You can download it RemoSync, Aderium Companion and LVContacts Sync.

Disclosure: VMware is a ReadWriteWeb sponsor.

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