Database Clients for the iPad

Continuing our series of business apps for the iPad, today we look at database clients, including ones for managing FileMaker, MySQL, Oracle and PostGres databases.

Previously we looked at personal database apps. We’ve also looked at several iPad apps for IT professionals.

FileMaker Clients

Since FileMaker is owned by Apple, FileMaker databases and the iPad seem to go hand in hand. FileMaker Go ($39.99) is the official FileMaker client, but there are a couple alternatives.


FMTouch ($9.99) and TouchMyData ($4.99) are cheaper alternatives, and some users actually prefer it the official app. Both can sync with a FileMaker Server and will let you update records.




MySQL database client ($1.99) handles very simple database queries, but can’t deal with joins or other slightly more complex queries.

iMy and Flipper ($5.99 each ) are more capable of working with complex queries.

Multiple Databases

impathic offers clients for many databases under its DataGlass product line. They cost $4.99 each, and feature the ability to create queries, connect via VPN and limited visualization capabilities:

MakeProg Technologies makes a set of clients for databases as well, also at $4.99 each:

Cellica Database for iPad is the only app I found that could actually connect to multiple databases from the same client. However, it requires a Windows only desktop application. It’s not an app for database administration, instead it’s for end-users of databases to work with various forms. It supports Microsoft Access, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FoxPro and dBase.

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