3 Accounting Apps for the iPad

Continuing our series of business apps for the iPad, today we look at accounting and finance apps.

Accounting is probably one of the last applications that you’d expect to do extensively from the iPad. We doubt that you’ll want to shift fiscal staff to working extensively from iPads, but giving them on the go access to critical business applications could be a good thing.

FinancialForce Mobile

FinancialForce Mobile is a mobile-optimized version of FinancialForce.com, the Web-based financials solution for Salesforce.com. It provides access to bank accounts, transactions and invoices. It also integrates with Salesforce.com Chatter.

QuickBooks Connect

The big incumbent. QuickBooks Connect is an iOS client for QuickBooks online or the Windows version of QuickBooks 2011. You can use it to manage customer information, check balances, create estimate and invoices and more.


Xero is an accounting software-as-a-service with a mobile-optimized version. Representatives from the company tell us they expect a native app to be available in the App Store any day now.

Xero has its sites set firmly on Intuit and MYOB and has a large following (particularly outside the U.S.). Earlier this year Xero reported that it has tripled its revenue. See here for our previous coverage.

Honorable mention: Easy Books

Easy Books is an iPhone and iPad app for double-entry book keeping. It has a impressive set of features, and an interesting pricing model. The app itself is free, and you pay to activate the different features, depending on what you actually need. It didn’t make the list, however, because it’s an mobile-only solution, best suited for self-employed individuals and very small businesses.

Which Is Best?

Final Note

This list didn’t include ERP apps like Netsuite. We’d like to do a list of ERP apps for the iPad next. If you have any recommendations, please send them to klint@readwriteweb.com.

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