Blogging platform WordPress just announced a major upgrade to its long-beleaguered app for the iPhone and iPad. The new version is awesome. (iTunes link.)

The company says it's now solved most of the major problems, squashed the bugs that caused 75% of the apps crashes and now it's time to add new features. New features added in the version now available in the App Store include: a "Quick Photo" feature that lets you snap and post a photo very fast, a mobile stats display, localization in 10 langues and more. This new version is the first one I've downloaded for awhile and I was thrilled to see how easy it was to add a self-hosted blog to the app now, too!

As someone who used for my personal blog these updates have got me feeling absolutely ecstatic. This should drastically increase the number of quick little mobile posts I put up and I'm sure I'm far from the only person who feels that way. Some WYSIWYG just for link adding (so I don't have to type the a href= blah blah in with my thumb) would sure be nice.

For some reason I'm getting an error when I look at the Comments or Pages tab in the interface (I'm not using a plug-in) but hopefully that will be resolvable. The parts of this app that are working in my very initial testing are awesome.