Permanent Ban Sought Against Facebook in Pakistan. In a feature on EFF, "This Week in Internet Censorship," Jillian York points to a report on a judicial review of past petitions in the country directed against the social network.

"The Lahore High Court on Thursday sought till May 10 record of previous petitions filed against the social networking website, Facebook, for blasphemous content. Justice Azmat Saeed passed the order on a petition seeking a permanent ban on Facebook in Pakistan for holding a contest called the 2nd Annual Draw Muhammad Day."

Tunisia Rediscovers Its Censorship Culture.EFF reports that the Tunisian military may have returned to online filtering, having targeted a democracy activist's Facebook page. The interim government has apparently also quietly passed a censorship law.

Arab Spring Blows into Nepal. Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up, a Nepalese Facebook page, has inspired a street protest in the capital of Katmandu.

WikiLeaks Makes Volunteers Sign Non-Disclosure with $20 Million Penalty. Calling all of the material leaked to the organization, the "property" of Wikileaks, the agreement [PDF] repeatedly treats the material as commercial product.

Italians Take Down Blog Prior to Court Action. Google has shut down Perguia Shock, an English language blog maintained by an American journalist. A prosecutor, who has filed a multitude of anti-speech lawsuits in the past has done so in this case. This is a result of a "preventative disclosure" (!) demand issued to Google.