A Sneak Peek of Evernote for Android Tablets [Video]

Today at the Google I/O developer conference one of the big topics is tablets. All attendees have been provided with new tablets and everywhere you look, there’s another company demonstrating their new tablet app. One of those companies is Evernote, one of our favorite cloud-based note taking apps.

We caught up with Evernote on the trade show floor today and got a quick preview of the soon-to-arrive tablet version of Evernote that is set to hit the Android Market in the coming weeks.

As you’ll see in the video below, the new version of Evernote for Android tablets is much of the same Evernote goodness you’ve come to enjoy, but formatted for the bigger screen. In addition to the larger format view, the Android tablet version comes with rich text formatting, including ordered and unordered lists, images, audio and even checkboxes to make to-do lists.

Take a look, as Alex Pachikov, VP of business development at Evernote, takes us through the new app:

The next version of Evernote will be available in the Android market in the next couple of weeks.

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